SittingDev is built and run by Daniel Cuttridge. Launched in 2021, SittingDev was founded to help other developers by providing easy to understand tutorials and guides.

Daniel started coding in 2004, he was one of the first to make the switch to responsive design, and in 2019 he won web design awards for Innovation, UI, and UX Design for his work on Pathtorch v1.

As well as being a developer, Daniel spent 10 years working in the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) industry, where he has become a popular expert in On-Page & Technical SEO subjects due to his developer background and passion for testing.

The SittingDev website is built with the Hugo.io static-site generator and is deployed on an optimized Vultr server. The site is optimized for speed & performance, and is consistently one of the fastest sites on the web.

The SittingDev is also on YouTube, and you can find written versions of most video tutorials on the website, along with the video itself to accommodate more learning styles.

If you want to support the SittingDev website, please consider sharing us on social media, donating, or linking to us from your website.